Masterminds of beauty branding, development and distribution comprise Lighthouse Beauty, an unprecedented cross-channel collaboration harnessing the power of celebrity like never before. Uniting the managers of high-profile celebrities with developers and distributors of luxury fragrances, the venture represents a novel 360 approach to translating the unique appeal of celebrity into a brand, giving consumers a piece of their favorite stars.

A vertically integrated company that offers branding, design and distribution for turnkey solutions, Lighthouse Beauty unites key partners who each bring a deep understanding of the particular field they represent within the beauty industry.


Lighthouse Beauty provides clients with an arsenal of skilled professionals that can not only strategically develop a beauty product, but also capture the celebrity in the product in a way that is simultaneously accessible and aspirational because of the unique capabilities the company boasts. Lighthouse Beauty’s approach also represents a return to the classic way of developing and distributing a fragrance, with an emphasis on the formulas and the packaging.

World class product development and design coupled with a team of marketing and engineering experts enables Lighthouse Beauty to exceed expectations in terms of speed to market.

Utilizing an integrated approach to brand marketing, Lighthouse Beauty leverages all channels of media and distribution to cross-promote both the brand and artist behind the brand.

An intergroup of cosmetic channel experts collaborates with one goal in mind: increasing your bottom line through global expansion. Lighthouse Beauty leverages the distribution expertise of key partners to provide immediate global distribution at all channel levels.