Photographer: Walter Chin

Captivating celebrity couple, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom have it all. While Khloe is the star of 3 top rated E! Network shows and Lamar is a dedicated professional basketball player in the NBA, they both have become successful entrepreneurs and brands spokespersons. Together with Lighthouse Beauty, they now add another facet to their portfolio—a signature scent.

To separate Khloe and Lamar from other celebrity fragrances, Lighthouse Beauty in collaboration with Khloe & Lamar decided to honor the love and bond they have with the world’s first celebrity unisex fragrance. Unbreakable Bond is an expression of the couple’s belief that there is nothing more personal than scent and Lighthouse Beauty aimed to capture each of their sensibilities.

Lighthouse partnered with Givaduan to create a harmonious blend of nutmeg, bergamot and orange fused with sultry florals, dark chocolate and rich woods, finished with a soft musk. A fragrance perfectly balanced between masculine and feminine.

The bottle, a minimalist glass structure with a stunning architectural cap, bears Khloé and Lamar’s signature “KL” tattoo, a symbol of their unity and commitment to each other.

To bring the ad concept to life, Lighthouse Beauty called upon world famous fashion photographer Walter Chin and creative advertising company ModCo to create a simplistic yet dynamic ad concept of juxtaposed black and white images that emphasize the pure beauty and powerful connection of Khloe and Lamar. Each images features a different embrace or personal moment shared between them, bringing home the notion that you can’t have one without the other.

The overall goal was to fuse together two personalities, styles and influences into a brand experience that both men and women can share. From the fragrance, the concept, the advertising, the photography, package design, distribution, Lighthouse Beauty oversaw the transformation of a unique concept into brand that translated across and merged two core audiences and continues to evolve today.