Photographer: Miles Aldridge

Boasting the highest rated show on E! Entertainment, tremendous success in business ventures Kim represents the modern girl who does it all. As an accessible icon of contemporary celebrity, Kim has always given her fans a glimpse of fame. Lighthouse Beauty extended that accessibility with a fragrance that offers a revealing look at what it means to be Kim Kardashian.

Lighthouse Beauty’s goal was to translate a pop cultural icon into a fragrance. Named for the captivating beauty and magnetic personality who inspired the fragrance, Kim Kardashian reflects the sensuality, femininity and appeal of one of the most idolized women in the world.

Feminine, alluring and irresistible, LHB worked very closely with Kim to create a fragrance as voluptuous, sensual and beautiful as Kim herself. With Givaudan’s master perfumer Claude Dir heading development, we were able to create a scent that captured Kim’s unique appeal. A sumptuous, floral fragrance evoking Kim’s trademark sultry style with crisp top notes, lush, floral mid notes and a rich, sexy dry-down.

Echoing Kim’s own trademark combination of classic beauty and modern styling, Kim Kardashian is contained in a translucent black bottle with a pink pearl overspray. The bottle is emblazoned with an iconic pink aluminum “KK” logo, which is also engraved in the bottle’s black cap. An interesting blend of classic fragrance bottle styling along with modern elements.

To bring the ad concept to life, Lighthouse Beauty called upon MODCo Creative to develop an ad campaign for the new fragrance that would bring out the genuine personality of Kim, update and provide a vision that would lay the groundwork for a larger future for the brand and insure that it was a true fashion image that would make her look as flawlessly beautiful as she is. MODCo chose to play up Kim’s old school Holly wood glamour and tip the hat to her pinup girl assets in a wholesome but sexy way. They brought in world famous fashion photographer Miles Aldridge and created a truly memorable and iconic image which was perceived with great accolades.

From the KK logo creation, bottle design, and Juice…all the way through to advertising creative and an exclusive launch at Sephora. Kim Kardashian remains the most successful fragrance launch Sephora has ever had, and was the store’s highest selling fragrance for over a year. Overall Lighthouse Beauty created an iconic brand that resonated with Kim’s fan base and is currently distributed in multiple channels worldwide.